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Pusha T After Party with Rihanna as a surprise guest

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Vimies App presentation at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Vimies is an instagram like Iphone application for VIDEOS , you can capture , add filters , captions and share to your social network in just 3 clicks , check the trailer here :

I’m involved in the developement & communication of Vimies and created the opportunity of presenting the application during the notorious Festival de Cannes .

We hosted a party at one of the most prestigious venue of la croisette , la ‘Villa Schweppes » with DJ Sets of Manaré , Dj Pone & Stephane Bourbon de Peinthievre .


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Kaaris at La Machine du Moulin Rouge

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Adidas Americana 2013 National Launch

Adidas Originals France & Nadim33/Casabey go way back , for years now we collaborated on various brand/trade/research marketing projects .

Casabey was asked to create from a very minimalist pitch , the whole imagery & graphic identity of the re release of the iconic 70’s sneaker : The Adidas Americana .

I’ve pitched one of my favorite illustrator Alexis  » Tyrsa » Taïeb , a young parisian , indie & hungy like me 🙂 and 3 months later , the visuals are displayed all around France in a selection of prenium retails shops .

The day of the release a « Foot Truck » was seen all over Paris …


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Iggy Azalea , Paris Fashion Week Show , Sept 28th 2012